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Weekly Design Links Roundup

A quick roundup of some of the interior design, architecture and design news and articles I found on the web from the past week. You can read the full story from the original source by clicking on the title. Enjoy!


Design Links & News


Nvidia headquarters approaching

Nvidia developed a HQ with the latest VR technology that represents their values and ideas. The space actually looks like technology, if that makes any sense and from the outside it looks like a spaceship just landed.


From history to startup

A tech startup has moved into an historic bank building and transformed the space into a tech hub. A great juxtaposition between the old and new. And for a change a warm feeling space, not just white everywhere.


Bar and Restaurant full of tactility

Really cool restaurant interior. A texture rich, atmospheric and fun restaurant design that I Love. The depth of the materials, geometric shapes and textures is visually very engaging.


Mexico Nightclub

One part beehive one part wasps nest, the space uses geometry that is found in nature (my view) to create a unique interior. I am sure it’s as busy as a beehive.


A Growroom for urban spaces

A novel idea that creates a herb growing space in urban areas. It’s called “the Growroom”, a spherical design solution created by Space10, and architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm.


Smart Stairs to improve health for employees

And here is a way that interior design can help you get healthy and lose some weight. I don’t know if id like to be reminded every day at work about exercising and weight loss but it might actually encourage some people to take the stairs instead of the life. Improving peoples live, great design thinking!


I hope you enjoyed the links and please come back next week for the next roundup! If you are working on an Interior Design project and would like to feature it on Designedd please get in contact with me via the contact page.